View Full Version : Fuel Line Fittings

10-08-2008, 12:06 PM
I have a '97 that has a fuel line problem. It started when I got some bad (really bad) fuel and it gummed (really gummed) up the fuel filter. To the point that the Landie stopped dead in the middle of the road. After getting it towed home I started working my truck. (Yes, I consider it a truck and so does my insurance company.) It seems that it got so bad that the couplings were showing some (very minor) leakage of fuel. I removed the fuel cap slowly to remove the pressure and started my work. I couldn't get the couplings loose thus get the filter off. So, I bought the upgrade kit from Les (Good Ol' Les) and proceeded to remove the filter and rubber hose / couplings. Here's the next problem, how to remove the compression fittings from the rubber hoses holding onto the metal fuel lines without cutting the metal fuel lines nor causing a fire. I had considered soaking the entire area with water prior to using a Dremel with a cutoff wheel but, being a firefighter I've seen car fires start where someone was doing a lot less that cause the fire. Any other suggestions?