View Full Version : SImex Jungle Trekker clone (remould)

12-31-2006, 02:33 PM
I drove past a local tire place last night and noticed they had what appeared to be a Simex extreme trekker. See the Simex here:
http://www.procomp.com.au/Images/PcI...emeTrekker.gif (http://www.procomp.com.au/Images/PcImg_SimexExtremeTrekker.gif)

Well it was raining and I didn't have my camera so I went back today to check it out- apparently it is a Moldex remould:
www.technopneu.com/_a-visionneuse.asp?pneu=16 (http://www.technopneu.com/_a-visionneuse.asp?pneu=16)

Anyway if anyone is looking for a 32 10.50 16 Simex these might be a viable alternative. The tire place was asking $129 Mounted but it has a reputation for being an expensive place- I have no idea how much cheaper you might be able to find these for...