View Full Version : 300 series 2.5 Tdi Engine Trouble

01-01-2007, 10:51 AM
:confused: Help !! Can anyone advise me of where to start with my engine problem, My disco was running fine with no smoke what so ever then suddenly...my idle speed has dropped and the engine and a very slight amount of brown smoke is coming from the exhaust. There's a lot of vibration also at Tick-Over when i rev the engine there's excessive smoke.

01-03-2007, 03:04 AM
Are you in the states???? If so I'm proud of you for getting the vehicle in and registered!! The problem is is that there are virtually no techs here in the states with experience on the Tdi engines. If you are in europe this should be no problem. Most problems with Tdi's I understand involve the fuel pump, filters, and injector pump, but I would'nt want to offer advice to you(obviously the usual follow the bunny trail diagnoses will work--ie is fuel getting to A, and if so then B, and on and on). Since there is no ignition system, it is more than likely fuel delivery issues. Talk to the guys at RN or Atlantic British, maybe they know of a Brit tech in the states now. There where Tdi's at Land Rover University, but they where just for show, I think we had a 1-2 hr intro class, but we where never expected to even see one---EVER!! It is a shame they werent brought over, I've owned a Tdi D90 here in europe, and I'll tell you, getting 22 MPG in a Rover is true love!!
Best of luck,
Jack of Bavaria