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Jeff Aronson
10-22-2008, 10:47 AM
Deep down I know that every Land Rover enthusiast appreciates great automobiles; the same qualities that attract you to Land Rovers also connect you with other significant cars and trucks.

For a planned article in the Rovers North News, I'd love to know vehicles you own as an enthusiast, and/or vehicles you wish you could own but can't right now. What makes them right for you?

You can post your thoughts on this thread, send me a PM, or email me directly at jrh@foxislands.net.

Thanks in advance,


10-26-2008, 10:33 PM
My first encounter with the Green Oval was when I purchased my 95' Defender 90 NAS station wagon. I had have owned a 88' Jeep Cherokee and 74' Toyota FJ40, but something happened to me the first time I sat in my 90. It was me, it defined me and everything I want to do in a vehicle and since that time I now own a 99' P38 4.6HSE and just recently purchased an 03' Disco SE. I love the way they drive, leak, squeeeeek, and get me and my family to the unbeaten path in a style unlike any other. Everyone asks me why I love Land Rover's so much and I tell them its undescribable until you own one. Everything is thought out and placed perfectly and when they drive me crazy they always seem to turn around and make me even happier once Ive figured out what is unique about them. If I could own anything it would be a 93' D110 because I would love to be able to put proper child car seats in the back ( I have three kids-all in car seats) and still have room in the back for gear and luggage. More people have just started smiling at me while driving my Land Rovers and for some reason they just make people happy!!!!