View Full Version : 1982 Stage One v8

11-14-2008, 10:55 PM
The Land Rover came from England at the start of this year in a non working condition.
The previous owner didn’t finish installing the rebuilt short block engine correctly. The intake manifold wasn’t bolted down and the distributor was 180 degrees out. This has all been corrected and the truck runs great. The rest of the engine is original and as such a bit of oil is staring to get past the valve stem seals, but the truck is priced at $9,000 low enough to cover this.
Stage One’s were fitted with the same engine as the Range Rovers and as such has performance that other series Landy’s can’t match will run at 75 – 80 easy.
The outside color is not original but is a close match to the interior and that is original. The truck is a legal import and has a clear Colorado title.
Will make a great daily driver for some lucky person. Sold as of Friday