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01-06-2007, 12:03 PM
I have to replace the driver side outside door latch as the handle split right down the middle. So now I can't get any leverage to open the door. Now that my sob story is outta the way:(..... How do I remove the inside door panel of my 91 Classic? I really don't want to bust anything up by just trying to wing it. Any advice would be appreciated.



01-08-2007, 09:48 AM
There are little push in fasteners (i dont know the offical name) that hold the door panel to the metal door frame. They are little and plastic, they attach to the panel and then push into holes on the door frame.

you can get them out by slowly but firmly pulling the panel away from the door. you need some force but dont bend the panel. You need to do one part at a time. Start at the bottom of the panel in a cornor and then work one by one. Once you pop the first one out you can tell where the next one is. Sometimes the fasteners break but they are cheap (less than 50cents) and easy to find at an autoparts place (they are not rover specific)

i am sure there is a more skillful way to do this, maybe someone will post it.

01-09-2007, 01:41 AM
I spent 45 minutes typing a line by line explanation and when I hit submit the page didnt load, CCCCRRRRAAAAPPPPPP!!!!!!

In addition to Ed's recommendations:
Go by a panel popper from Napa or any tool store(looks like a 2 tonged fork)its job is to pry the panel without breaking the WIDGETS(the fastners Ed was talking about).

There should be a couple of 10mm bolts holding the door inner door handle on.

unplug speaker wires.

you will possibly damage the rain curtain on removal(the plastic liner that keeps water off inside of panel). I now have a roll of heavy mil gauge plastic sheeting(same stuff you put down when painting, in your flowerbeds for weed control) that I use to make my own rain curtains, and a roll of GOO(the black stuff used to hold it on). make sure to replace, or repair(with tape), the curtain, dont leave it out!!

the outer door handle held on by 2-3, 7 or 8mm nuts. you will get cut doing this job as well as curse your rover(why they couldnt put an access hole RIGHT BEHIND the handle I dont know). Good luck

Jack of Bavaria