View Full Version : Land Rover Documentary is Ready!

12-13-2008, 12:49 AM
well everybody, ITS READY! As most of you may know, this is the documentary that we set out to make this past september about the land rover community. With 3 weeks on the road, 8000 miles covered from coast to coast we've packed this DVD, ready for the holidays, with all the rover madness you could want:

- interviews with some of our country's most celebrated independant mechanics, parts specialists and enthusiasts.
- top secret wheeling spots from trails across the great salt lake to an african wildlife safari in Ohio (YES OHIO).
- plague areas, campfires, mountain ascents and the National Rally in MOAB

PLUS two and a half hours of bonus footage including a swivel ball rebuild demo and head gasket repair demo!!!

all shot in Widescreen with additional footage in HD - fully mastered in Dolby Digital for a kick ass viewing experience!

Domestic retail includes all shipping and handling, any applicable taxes, a 10% donation to the american red cross AND a chance to win the directors RRC if ordered before NewYears!

Makes - hands down - one of the best holiday gifts for the rover addicted this year!

www.insearchoftheexperience.com (http://www.insearchoftheexperience.com/)