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01-08-2007, 02:06 PM
Gentlemen, I come to you from the dark side of 101 ownership to seek your wisdom on cylinder heads.

I am doing an engine build and have an offer of cylinder heads off a '97 disco. Bigger valves can only help the engine breath which can only help the green beastie pass emissions. Any power gains can only be good too.

I am aware of all the fun stuff to check on a used head. I am wondering, however, which years did Discoveries have the infamous sticky valves and what was done to remedy the problem? I know '96 had a problem but was curious when it went away.


01-09-2007, 01:30 AM
They all have problems!!! Even after the new valve design came out in 97 or 98(cant remember) they still stick, although seems to be less. I cant even remember how many head rebuilds on Rovers I've done due to this. I think though that by religiously doing oil changes you lessen the problem. Its when you pop a valve cover and see lots of gunk, you know there will be a problem. Try to buy heads off 97 and later, and rebuild anyway(ie, have heads tanked, new oil seals, ream to the new specs, and put the recommended grind on the valve seats). You will have to ask RN, AB or one of the Indie Rover places for those specs, all my manuals/bulletins are boxed up and in storage at this time. I run 6 quarts of my normal oil and 1 quart of Rislone(a detergent style oil product) in our Rovers and they seem to stay very clean. Good luck
Jack of Bavaria