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01-09-2007, 02:34 AM
Here is the scoop. Please only call if you are serious!! It belongs to my son, is located in Louisville KY, and he is selling do to moving over to Germany with me. Bear with him as he is a Semi pro cyclist, rides alot and manages a cycling shop-it may take him a day or 2 to get back to you. He can email you as many pics as you like.

The Good:
1990 RR Classic, Dark Grey, very very good body, very little rust.
We got it in 2000, as a trade in at LR Louisville where I worked, it needed a lot of mechanical work, and it was good project for me to teach my son about all things Rover. The truck was put back on the road when he turned 16 in 2003. We basically went through it top to bottom to make a very reliable vehicle(ie I didnt want him to break down on the side of the road) and did the following:

Top end engine rebuild(valve job, with latest seals, gaskets etc). The engine was the cleanest on the inside I had ever seen, so the owner(a jockey from CA)had been very good on the oil services.

All oil leaks where fixed

Cap, rotor, wires, plugs, distributor rebuilt

All hoses, belts where replaced,

new battery and alternator,

new aluminized exhaust system, Disco y pipe/cats installed

Tranny service with filter,

All fluids(diffs too) changed regularly with synthetics,

new u-joints, front and rear

Brakes completely replaced(new rotors, pads, all new wheel bearings, master cylinder, accumulator, abs booster, relays)

New Bridgestone Dueler AT's(265/75-16)

2" OME lift(HD), shocks are new in box, not installed yet.

New headliner

Fuel tank recall completed

The Ugly:
This is a truck for off roading, or someone who wants it for a fun truck, ie the paint sucks, scratches, etc. we bought it this way, and my son off roads/ kayaks/mtn bikes/camps so this was why we chose it. But the body is nice.

The truck had had a small fire in the heater controls before we bought it. I ripped out the whole dash, and repaired what I could. I installed an aftermarket heater/defroster blower assembly that will blow you out of the car, but no AC any more(removed all duct work etc.). New dash installed. This heater is bombproof and very easy to service if ever needs it(its a self contained box that uses the stock heater hoses). I did a darn good job of integrating this heaters controls into the dash. So if your the type of person who will be buying the truck for its intended purpose you will have no problem with this. All other dash items function normally

My son has the carpets out, as he is a rugged sort of kid and had the intention of Rhino lining the floors eventually, all carpets come with the truck(remember they are what cause the floors to rust out!!).

The truck has a D110 Safety Devices roof rack(mounted on Yakima cross bars) that is sold seperately, but will make you a good price if you buy the truck.

It has been stored in garage for last 1 1/2 years, out of weather, he drives his Jetta due to gas costs, uses the Rover for his off roading/camping.

Asking $4500.00

My sons name is RJ, his cell number is : 502-681-3848, you may email me for any questions: jack.salyer@us.army.mil