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12-22-2008, 07:59 AM
I have a 96 disco 300TDi that wont start. The battery had died a while back as the alarm kept going off, annoying the neighbors alot, so took it out and un-plugged the cable going into the siren as the battery back-up still continued going off. Whilst this was done I replaced bearings and bushings. The car was ready to roll so went and bought a heavy duty battery fitted it plugged the alarm cable back into the siren connected the battery .......alarm went of constantly pressed buttons on key fob .....nothing happened, disconnected siren cable. unlocked door with key with EKA to disarm immobilizer ....still nothing as the red light with key is flashing away. I then read several land rover forums stating that it could be the spider unit hidden in the dash so I ordered AMR4956, stripped out the centre of the dash ...........NO spider. Could it be hidden somewhere else on the car? My patience is running very thin now and need to get Disco running again any help would be most appreciated.

12-22-2008, 03:49 PM
long story short had similar alarm issues with mine, alarm unit turned out to be corroded (badly). land rover intentionally doesn't give many details on the spider unit; so i cheated. the alarm unit itself should be under the pass side dash if you pull it there's only two wires that must be connected to bypass the antitheft (basically the alarm cuts the signal on the wire and if twisted together the spider thingy thinks everything is peachy).

the downside: power locks, alarm etc. quite working without the factory alarm.

the upside: it gave me the perfect opportunity to wire in a kick-ass aftermarket alarm/remote start. (weekend project, works beautifully).

take that for what you will. NOT the way to go if you want to preserve your factory system. but its an option, i had to do it at the time because i had to make my disco driveable the day it went out.

check the rave cd it gives some info here and there on the spider unit might tell you somethin, i honestly dunno...:confused: