View Full Version : Rover woes... running lean

02-27-2009, 12:13 PM
I've been struggling with one..

98 P38.. when I start it first thing it idles OK.. get going down the road low on power, stumbles and has lean backfiring through intake, all in the first few minutes before O2 sensors heat up, once O2's are on line it kicks in and I have plenty of power. I typically get 12-13 average mpg, 18.5 highway, since then I get 8.5 average, still almost 18 highway

O2's are new as of October, I have 3 MAF's (all good) replaced the TPS and the crank sensor. What regulates A/F before the O2's or working?

Rangie runs like a top otherwise.. 190,000 miles, never been opened up, all original 'cept the coil conversion, bought new by my father.

Also anyone have a drivers front window regulator laying around, I just need the mounting plate, not the motor or lift mechanism