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01-17-2007, 08:49 PM
After owning my '96 Disco for almost a year, I've decided to make it legit, and fix the problems that it has. One of the reasons for my misfire is the ECM wasn't sending the signal to fire one of the coils. I just recieved a new used computer, but now I need to reflash the ECM to match the immobilizer to get it to work. Unfortunately, I only have access to a Genisys, a Mastertech and a Vedis, all of which don't have Rover specific software to do the job. I hear Autologic works. Does anyone have a tool with the required software to do this in the Western Mass area? I took apart my center console and fixed my diff-lock last weekend and now I'd like the the truck to run well so I can use it properly... Thanks in advance for your input!