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03-27-2009, 07:16 PM
So after 3 years of seperation I plunged and bought an 00 Discovery. I had an 02 Range Rover which I had sold in 06.

80k miles
one owner
all records through delaership - maintained amazingly

a 3 kid car so interior needed to be detailed...and outside few brush scratches on the door.
car was parked for 4 months as they had bought a new disco

Car drives amazingly and everything works.
Got home and it would not come out of park. Then after a few seconds it did. repeated this again. I read the forums and realized it could be the brake switch so was scheduling to take it in Monday.

My detailed gut washed and detailed the car and since then the Park Stuck problem has gone away. One day now.

So what happened ?
What should I do to avoid being stranded ?

Front bumper has a crack on the passenger side on the painted area.
Rear Bumper has crack on the Driver side. Minor but there

Should I change and upgrade to the 03 look ? or just leave it
anyone know how ?

I got all the oils changed and last in was brake cylinders at Rover San Diego and prior to that some O ring oil leak. Both repaired.

I do want the orignal front Guard with the Extra Lights - ebay..or what is the best way to find.

17 inch wheels with 60% tire tread
I know someone selling 05 Discovery 19's for 500 with tires (90% tread) is that a good idea or would you guys recommend 18's

I am heading to vegas (400 mile roundtrip in two weeks) anything else I should get checked.

Really Excited....I love this car.....

oh yes any good mechanics in Orange County, CA I am in Irvine, CA
It is an SE - Marronish color.

Thank You..will post pictures soon

oh yes paid 4000

03-28-2009, 07:54 PM
Sounds like either a bad brake switch, or maybe the shifter lock is sticking (you can just remove the shifter lock and never worry about that again.

Wheels, not my expertise.

Bumper upgrades... it can be done, but again not my thing.

04-04-2009, 11:18 AM
I had this happen for a short period one Sunday afternoon 5:00 pm. Tried all sorts of things- the answer was bad battery or connections. Replaced the battery and cleaned all connections, no problems since.