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01-23-2007, 10:00 PM
I posted this on another site as well so some of you may have seen this before:

Here is a stumper. I brought my truck in to the dealer for fuel tank recal. They said that they could not get the old pump out so they replaced that too. When I brought it home, it seemed fine, so I installed an MSD 6AL that I had laying around from an old project. Shortly after this, I started to have a rough idle after a few minutes of starting- just as the ram startd to become warm to the touch- which turned into hesitation and stalling when any throttle applied. I thought it might be a bad pump but the fuel pressure is ok - increases slightly when throttle is cracked. I have not replaced the ECU, distributor nor the fuel filter (I thought it might be a saturated coil or bad amp but don't think so) I will try to do the fuel filter ASAP.

But, the block was junk so I pulled it out and bough a new 4.0, threw in a hotter cam, temporarily ignoring the hesitation problem. I got the thing back together with new O2 sensors, TPS, coolant temp sens, 1yld fuel temp sensor, IAC (NAPA GM version), pro cleaned injectors, H20 punp, tranny cooling lines, etc. set timing and base idle (vac >15 + no indication of leaks)- of course, the hesitation is still there. If I can get past the initial opening of the throttle, it runs strong. But, if it stalls, it will not start again for 20 min. How reliable are the fuel temp sensors? Would it be weird for one to go within a year?

I did reset the base idle again after a good warm up and it needed a lot of adjustment. The adjustment bolt is almost bottomed out and it is still a bit high.

Any thoughts on what would cause the hesitation/stalling/ hot start issue?

03-17-2007, 04:30 PM
I assume this is for a Disco1 but seeing as some post for other Land Rover
models on this forum, lets start with what year and model LR you've got.
Also is it a Diesel or Petrol model.

I agree on replacing the fuel filter ASAP. As those symptoms resemble a clogging filter.
Also (if Petrol) you said you installled a 4.0, did ya put new wires/cap/rotor as preventative maint.
Switch over to a K&N air filter it'll help your Rover run stronger. I swear by it.

But your problem is a stumper indeed and that symptom could have a number of ghosts.
Good Luck.

03-19-2007, 09:37 AM
you may need to advance or retard the timing due to the hotter cam?
you may be to far advanced,different cams require different timing.

Les Parker
03-20-2007, 12:22 PM
Hello there, have you had a diagnostic scan of the vehicle? My 97 4.0 DI had all sorts of issues, turned out to be a bad charcoal sensor.