View Full Version : valve seals.

02-06-2007, 03:29 PM
I have just obtained a set of V8 heads from eblag that alledgedly came of a '97 Disco. They have the 3 hole accessory mounts that I need so things are good. While overhauling the heads I want to replace the inlet valve seals. My issue is that I had understood that valve guide seals were only fitted to the inlets yet these heads have a seal of sorts for each valve - both inlet and exhaust. Has this ever been done or is it an 'upgrade' by a PO?

My next issues is that the seals look unlike anything I have seen online. I have a set of the latest blue cap type seals (ERR1782) which don't appear to fit. I even have what I think are the older washer type (ERC7865) and would use these if they are still considered adequate.. The seals that came out look like small black plastic or age hardened rubber washers with a slight recess in the base (leaves a .020 - .030 lip around edge) and a low step (.030 approx. by eye) to make a boss on the top. Again are these Rover parts (what is the part #) or something 'upgraded'?

Finally, did the fix for the much maligned sticky valves include machining or replacing the old valve guides to accept the new blue cap type seals?

My old heads are the old pre '76 double spring type when life was simple and no seals were used so they are no help for reference.