View Full Version : 1965 IIA SWB For Sale in Los Angeles

08-27-2009, 08:22 AM
1965 SWB Series IIA
$8000. Located in West Los Angeles, California.

Short list and details:
Frame is solid
Dunlop 16” wheels with Michelin 7.5R16 XPC radials
Wise Owl Roverdrive
Wise Owl 2 leaf parabolic
OME shocks
Poly frame and spring bushings
Negative ground conversion and AC Delco 12SI alternator
Defender D90 rear bench
Tuff box rear tool box
Rochester carburetor
Kodiak Mk IV heater (with new core installed early 2009)
Fluids changed regularly
Brakes work well and it stops straight
Head replaced in 2006 with a gently milled 7:1. It’s probably 7.5:1 now
Transmission replaced with rebuild purchased from Four Oakes Garage in 2007

Original oil bath, Solex carb, generator, and other take off parts included.

Needs new seal on t-box rear output and left rear axle. Usual leaks and weeps of a 45 year old truck apply elsewhere. Soft top is run year round and is in fine shape with the exception of the rear panel/plastic which was vandalized a year or so ago.

This isn’t a show truck. Paint job was down in the driveway. It’s a runner and a user. It was my daily driver for almost 5 years before I got a company car and now gets run just about every weekend.

No idea on the mileage. The odometer was broken when I got the truck in 2001 and I replaced it in 2007. Speedo gear is wonky, but It’s a Series and speeding will not be an issue.

Registered through July 2010.

Fires right up and takes me where ever I need to go when I need to go.

Selling because I’m not physically able to enjoy and continue to do the work that keeps an old truck going. My back injury is degenerating. It’s hard to get up into the truck, bounce around in it for a few hours, and get in and under it to do the PM work it needs and deserves. Series trucks are a labor of love and as much as I love her, I can’t do the labor part anymore.

6MB compressed folder of pics available to email.