View Full Version : 1996 Discovery SD, 5 Speed Manual

02-07-2007, 11:39 AM
I've got a 1996 Discovery SD, with 5 speed Manual Trans. Willow Green, front full brush gaurd with Hella's, 160,000 miles.

The exterior is near perfect. Still shiny and no fade or sunburn on the paint. Interior is cloth, with only minor wear - no rips or tears, just wear from being 10+ years old.

Transmission and Clutch shift smooth with no issues. Center Differential locks up and is activated at least monthly to keep it lubricated.

The engine runs fine, and still plenty strong, even with the high miles. Of course it's a rover so if I told you it didn't drip oil and power steering fluid, you'd know I'd be a liar.

I'm in Connecticut. $3500 or best offer, remember, it's a 5 speed, which are pretty hard to find.