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11-29-2009, 04:51 PM

1961 Land Rover Series II 88" 2.25L gas, 2 door 4x4 . . .

>>the original SUV :-)

The Good:
Good tires, frame, glass, body,electrical, engine, transmission etc. etc. (nearly everything) . Body off, frame freshening ~4 yrs ago. Much SS hardware replaced all the old steel nuts and bolts. New brakes, relatively new exhaust, big rear springs, new big battery, new Zenith carb, mirrors, voltmeter, horn etc. "MAD4MUD" vanity plate avail (for free) to NB buyers. Some spare wheels/tires, plow bracket and misc Rover stuff to go with.(free)
Roof rack and winch not currently mounted...but you can have it for the asking when you buy the truck

The Bad:
Needs 2 front shocks, transmission x-member patched, 2 rear axle seals (leaking very slightly), 1 intermittent signal light on the right (works on occasion...poor ground probably). Clutch hydraulics needs bled or fixed.

Bought 2.5 yrs ago in Dartmouth, NS for $4k...drove all the way home to Mactaquac. Drove a few times to Freddy Beach and around the Mactaquac area per year. Started up once/month...stored in a tent garage every winter. Have about $1k additional into it ($5k total invested)

This spring when I went to move it the clutch pedal went right to the floor. Tried bleeding it but I'm not a mechanic. I think there's more air than fluid in the system now. DOH !

Older youtube video (before carb replaced) is at:

A couple more pix on request, but honestly>>cash talks and . . . walks.

No, you can't test drive it.....Yes, you'll need a trailer or tow bar to take it home. This is not some rustbucket junker that's been in a field for the past 4 decades. I looked for 2 yrs in the Maritimes before I bought this from a young lady in Dartmouth and felt I got a great deal on a solid truck, but our priorities have changed and wife just wants it out of her sight...sigh....A weekend and $500 and you'd have a solid local daily driver/working truck.

I already have another British car to keep us busy so 1 toy has to go !

Will also consider Amateur Radio Equipment + Cash for a trade. Primarily looking for a kW+ amp that'll do 160m-10m
Thanks for reading,

12-02-2009, 03:28 PM
No longer available.