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Tim in MD
02-19-2007, 10:34 AM
Hi folks,

LR newbie here...I've just inherited stewardship of a '94 Disco 1 with a 5-speed and 171k on the clock. It has not been cared for terribly well, with a lot of deferred maintenance, but I do all my own wrench-turning so it'll get caught up in time. It's not a daily driver but rather an occasional-use (read--poor weather) vehicle.

The biggest issue of concern is some considerable rust in the rear wheel arches. Driver's side is the worst, with a significant hole visible in the horizontal surface under the door striker. The rot continues around the arch in both directions. The passenger side is not as bad but is on its way.

I'd like to look into repairing this rather than letting it get much worse. Is that feasible, and if so are there panels available anywhere for this section?

Thanks much!

02-19-2007, 03:24 PM
really don't know of any, usually on your own with this repair...goood luck
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02-19-2007, 07:50 PM
Land Rover Genuine replacement body parts *could* possibly be available, special order. We were faced with a similar situation on our company rallye Discovery I, except that it wasn't as bad and confined to the left front inner wing. Of course what did we do? Order up the Genuine Land Rover replacement factory part :thumb-up:.

FYI, this Range Rover Classic inner wing piece/valance wheel arch (http://www.roversnorth.com/store/pc-14132-22-valance-and-wheel-arch-range-rover-front-right.aspx)is available on Scratch & Dent for a huge discount. Not that it will work for your Discovery, but just to illustrate to you that the Genuine Parts are available.
http://www.roversnorth.com/store/images/Product/large/ALR3490X.jpg (http://www.roversnorth.com/store/pc-14132-22-valance-and-wheel-arch-range-rover-front-right.aspx)