View Full Version : Correct Toe 2001 P38

Mark Filtranti
04-14-2010, 11:23 PM
Has anyone figured out the correct Toe. It seems that the Dealer, Manual's, and Rave, are all different. The dealer says there system has regular automatic updates. I'm confused. The truck is a 2001. Its now 2010. Are my 9 year old truck's requirements still changing while aging in the garage? My 71 Ser III specs havent changed since, ah,.....1971. The dealer will take no ownership, as the wrong setting takes so long to show up. Should I request before and after print out? Tires,Alignment's, Time off from work dont come cheap.
I just want it done correctly, so everyone is happy. Dealer gets their money, truck runs right, and I can go back to having fun with my Ser III.