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05-30-2010, 10:53 AM
I bought a 2003 Discovery, yesterday, in New Hampshire from a small, family dealership, and drove home last night... That, in itself was a saga as we raced from Midcoast Maine to get to the Exeter, NH area before the dealership closed ("You're my last customer here, ever, I'm going to be working at a new dealership next week..." {huh?!})

Well, the Disco is in beautiful condition - truly *looks* and drives like it came out of a showroom. Paint/body/leather interior are perfect! Most everything works - which brings me to my comments and newbie question. Anyway, on the ride home, I was reacquainted with British electrical systems - or is that "the Prince of Darkness?" (Of course, Lucas no longer does all the electrics in GB, so I guess I am dating myself)

Anyway, the horn didn't work - replaced the fuse and *gasp* it WORKED all by itself - and wouldn't turn off so I took the fuse back out... So I guess I have a short, there. Also, the rear wiper and washer aren't working but I'll check those fuses later.

My question is, should I expect a few electrical glitches from time to time or admit defeat, now, and go right out and get a couple ounces of composition four?

Carrie (a *new* Land Rover Discovery owner)

05-30-2010, 04:56 PM
Right now I would be more concerned about finding out if your vehicle had a vin that required the oil pump changed and if it was done or not.

O, and if the head gaskets were changed because it was needed or as dealer "preventative maintenance ".