View Full Version : Disco frame shortening

03-06-2007, 11:27 PM
A mechanic I know was asking me about building a coil spring 88" with a V8 and the drive train from a disco. he was going to butcher a new galv. leaf chassis, or buy a burnt out d90 to build on, but I asdivised him to use the frame from the disco he was getting all the running gear from. I am aware that that it is common to cut 10 or so inches out from the center of the frame just forward of the upper mounts of the trailing arms. Also that the A arm cross member sticks up too high and would have to be cut out. But other than this, has anyone done this and know of the difficulties. cost is a factor to the certified rover mechanic attempting this, but he is quite proficient as you could guess as far as the engine work and such. The most difficult part seems to be mounting the body.