View Full Version : 1990 Range Rover in York Maine

07-09-2010, 08:48 AM
I don't know this seller, and I haven't seen the vehicle personally, but thought I would pass this on. My parents live in York Harbor and I had them stop by to take a look at it. According to my father, it has a fresh paint job, new tires, & new alternator. He said the exterior looked very nice and he only noted one ding on the passenger side. The interior is in decent shape and he didn't notice any major corrosion on the tail gate. The seller stated that it had electrical issues, and my father noted a battery charger sitting inside the vehicle.
Unfortunately, I live in CT and I'm just a little too far away to go see it personally, and I really wouldn't want to buy it without seeing it. Price started at $2500 and was changed to $1000 today. Seller stated that they have had no real interest yet. They supposedly need it gone by Monday. This may be a good project for someone here.