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Thread: defender to series 2a bulkhead

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    Default defender to series 2a bulkhead

    can anyone direct me to any posts or websites covering using a defender bulkhead in a series 2a.
    i have a defender bulkhead (1995 d90 nas style) with damage to the middle section and the dash was burnt other then that is great. since i am doing a v8 swap into my 2a and using a stubby r380 it just makes since to use it.

    also would a 1995 defender 90 Nas seat box fit into a series rover and bolt to the tub of a series rover?

    it seen that a defender bulkhead r380 tunnel and seat box would be great for this project. battery under seat box is already in place, trans tunnel is right for trans (using lt230) and bulkhead is already sporting a/c hard points.

    any suggestions or info would be helpful

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    PM Sent.


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    Default bulkhead
    He did it and tells how.
    Jim Wolf

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    Quote Originally Posted by lrdukdog View Post
    He did it and tells how.
    Jim Wolf
    Thanks thats really good.

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