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Thread: series 2a 109 for sale or trade( disco or classic)

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    Default series 2a 109 for sale or trade( disco or classic)

    I hate do to it but we need a family rover..... so here it goes..............

    1971 land rover series 2a 109( a rovers north import in the late 1990s)
    bulkhead great shape.
    custom made front bumper with winch.
    Santana overdrive.
    Hard top
    soft top
    galvy roof rack with ladder
    sway bars
    Mil oil cooler( unhooked at the time)
    Weber carb
    Mastercraft courser m/t tires
    New rear brakes drums lines
    New master cylinders ( brake and clutch)
    New slave
    original springs these do flex well oiled.
    frame in great shape has military undercoating and i also waxoiled inside and outside.
    good smiths heater
    have fume curtain for winter can keep you warm.
    Assorted parts
    Clock says 44,671 this will go up as i drive it.

    Things it needs:
    New seats ones in truck are ratty but I love driving it just the way it is.
    a new soft top at some point.. the one i have is the mil one works well but has shrunk over the 40 years it has been on the truck.
    bottom line this is my daily driver and it runs great shifts smooth and has plenty of power we do think that this might be the actual mileage because it is tight all around and has plenty of power for a 109 always get thumbs up and " hey nice truck"
    from random folks
    Will put a link up with pics asap.

    7500.00 or best offer( possible trade for a land rover disco or classic)

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    Where are you located? What do you want out of a disco?

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    A 109 IS a "Family Rover".

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    Quote Originally Posted by achampagne View Post
    Where are you located? What do you want out of a disco?

    I'm almost positive he's looking for an SE-7, and he's in Maine

    Greg....say it isn't so.....

    This is a very sound truck for the money......having worked on this truck, I believe the miles are accurate. The 2.25 is tight and sounds/works very well. Almost hate to say this, but Good luck with the sale.
    knowledge without experience is just information.... Mark Twain

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    First but gone: 91 3 door Disco "White Rhino"
    77 Series III 88 ex MoD "Shongololo"
    Gone and I miss her: 97 D1 5 speed
    04 DII
    08 D3 (LR3)

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    forgot to say its a 3 door and pics are at.......

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    bump to the top

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    Did you really move the fuel tank to the rear, or are they still under the seats?

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    it has duel military tanks under the seats

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