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Thread: What tire if I don't "off road?"

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    Default What tire if I don't "off road?"

    What tire should I use if I don't "off road?" on my 2001 P38, 4.6?

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    Ones made out of rubber.
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    Stock size, 255-65 X 16 or 255-55 X 18.
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    I was refering to Brand, not size. I have 255/55/18, General Tire, but I didn't get goow ware with them.

    I'm also short on money.

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    Default Never a cheap descision

    Factory tires:

    You will be hard pressed to find tires on a small budget.

    Good luck,
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    18 inch rims and short on money do not make for good tire shopping. you might be able to swap your rims and tires for 16s in better shape.
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