I've cross posted this on a couple of Rover forums looking for any answer so please don't blast me for the posts... I'm desperate!

I was attempting to reach the driver's side blend motor via the binnacle removal process and I tilted the steering wheel down. Now it won't tilt back up! The wheel will telescope in/out just fine but the tilt is stuck FULL DOWN! I can't get it to release no matter what I do. Can anyone help! PLEASE!

As for the blend motor, I tried to get into the area but will need to remove the entire instrument cluster PLUS the bracket on the right that holds it into the dash in order to gain access. Unfortunately for me, the motor I purchased as a replacement and that was listed explicitly for my year doesn't look anything like the one in my Rover! I won't know for sure until I get everything apart but right now I can't move the steering wheel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!