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Thread: coolant leakage update!HELP!

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    Unhappy coolant leakage update!HELP!

    Took 99 Rover in My estimate is $1700 !!!! and I need:
    upper plenum gasket
    lower intake gasket
    upper oil cooler line
    and a valve cover gasket

    OUCH! Im looking at bottom line $220 for diagnostiic-
    Should I try an independant mechanic at $70 an hr or stick with dealer? I think Im about to cry! Someone please give me some advice-
    Ps that does not include SRS airbag fault light

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    I hate to be the one to break it to you, but that is one of the joys of a Rover. They last forever, seldom break-down, but when they do they are normally expensive. The safest thing to do is look for a qualified Land Rover Mechanic. There is nothing but trouble to be had using a "Shade-tree" mechanic. The P38 is very particular about having repairs done correctly.

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