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Thread: Both blowers stopped working.

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    Unhappy Both blowers stopped working.

    Re: 1999 Disco II 100K

    This LR is equipped with the rear air option. Recently, both the blower motors for the main a/c and the rear a/c have stopped working.

    The blower(s) will not work at any speed, or setting (A\C or heating).

    I have checked all fuses and relays that seem relative to the system, Also, I removed the front blower, connected it to 12V power, and it comes on. Swapped the blower relays....both click and seem fine.

    The only part I'm not sure of, is the resistor pack....but my repair DVD states the blower should still work on high speed. The schematic also shows a 40 amp inline fuse (which I can't find) located in the L/S rear quarter panel which "protects" the resistor pack .....but the DVD states the system should still work on high speed.....even if the fuse is blown.

    Since, both the front and rear AC systems have failed...... is there a common relay, etc. that would affect them together.

    The only answers I seem to get is to check the fuses and relays under the hood and in the passenger compartment.


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    Default Both blowers out

    Same situation happened to me. I haven't tracked it down, yet, but I have eliminated the under-dash and under-hood fuses and relays as an issue. Did you ever find a resolution to your problem?


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    Default Happened again....

    Sorry in resurrecting an old thread, but the same problem has risen it's ugly head again with my Disco II.

    Last time I applied 12V to the blower relay...and....everything started to work....not so lucky this time.

    Same symtoms as I originally posted, every fuse okay, Power and blower relays working. Compressor kicks on, etc.

    WHAT common denominator am I MISSING .

    With gas the price it is, don't want to go to the stealership.

    Thanks, John

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