We have a real chance to support RTP (Recreational Trails Program) in the Senate. The current bill under consideration for transportation reauthorization is known as MAP-21 and is expected to be sent to the Senate floor for a vote this week or next. MAP-21 eliminated funding for RTP.

However, Senator Klobuchar is offering an amendment to MAP-21 to reinstitute RTP authorization. Let your senator know this is an extremely important piece of legislation and it is important to us....that their support of the Klobuchar amendment when the bill comes up for a vote is important. Remind your senator that RTP is funded by the gas tax both we all pay...that as their constituent you want them to know how valuable RTP grants are to maintain and sustain America’s Great Outdoors!

I hope that you can support this bill! Send a note to your senator now!

To locate your Senator ….. http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml