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Thread: A common problem: GEMS throttle hesitation and rumbling

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    Default A common problem: GEMS throttle hesitation and rumbling

    The problem of D1's having the rumbling and throttle hesitation (especially at highway speeds) seems to be talked about a lot here. I have had this problem in all my GEMS rovers and I found this site very helpful.
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    So I may just be spit balling here but I was having both of these problems with my disco and I found out (unfortunately the hard way) that the hesitation can be two things; A: The TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) which if you replaced it might not be in the correct position therefore there would be a delay between hitting the gas pedal and acceleration. B: The Transmission Kick-Down and Throttle Cables may need to be tightened. As for the rumble I've heard that the Speed Transducer is a very likely culprit as well as aging or effectively dead U-Joints on one or both Prop-Shafts. Please correct me if I'm incorrect (that way if I made a mistake I can fix it). Have a good one!

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