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Thread: cooling fan for the 3.9

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    Default cooling fan for the 3.9

    hello all,
    anyone out there tried a electric fan for the 3.9?
    my viscous fan clutch may be DOA.
    thanks for any info.

    '94 D90 / 503 / 3.9 / 70K / NA / original owner

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    yes, 98 to 2004 dodge caravan, same height and width, two fans... either run thru the existing auxiliary system with a relay (the 2 spade thermoswitch on the tstat neck turns on the front aux fans when a/c is not working and it runs hot)... they bolt in the same spots provided, I used zip ties to hold in place... or you can use an independent thermostatic relay found at any parts store to run the fans.... just in case of failure I allways run a separate manual override switch on the dash... so if the thermorelay fails and i run hot all i do is flip a switch.

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