I am having issues with my 98SE RR. I drove it into town today and did some shopping for the house but when I got ready to leave 2 hours later it wouldnt start. I left the windows cracked assuming I would only be out of it for a few, but you know ho wthat goes. Well now it wont turn over I have a felling that it has something to do with the alarm I did see someone leaning on it while holding a conversation with someone in a near by parking spot. I was going to replace the starter, but I took a jumper cable and ran it to the smaller starter cable and it turned but didnt start even while a friend turned the key to the start position (3). Well I also tried disconnecting the battery for 30 minues but that did nothing except loose my programmed stations in the radio (glad I remembered that code). If any one has some advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks