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Thread: Land Rover videos for sale

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    Default Land Rover videos for sale

    I can't find any place that makes sense for this. Mods, please contact me via email if this is a violation and tell me where to place this. Contact me via my email if interested.

    Commercially produced Land Rover VHS Video Tapes, not my home videos, all new in perfect condition. $7 each or $50 for all.

    Camel History 1986 Summary of Camel Trophy rallies from 1980 to 1986 19 minutes

    Camel Trophy 1988 Sulawesi Indonesia 61 minutes

    Camel Trophy 1992 Guyana South America 57 minutes

    Camel Trophy 1993 Sabah-Malasia 60 minutes

    Camel Trophy 1994 Argentina Paraguay Chile South America 58 minutes

    Camel Trophy 1995 Mundo Maya Central America 53 minutes

    Camel Trophy 1996 Kalimantan Borneo 50 minutes

    Land Rovers Across America Documentary movie of Land Rover culture in America from the 1950's to 1980's or 90's 90 minutes

    Anything You Can Do A collection of Land Rover films from the Land Rover archive to promote the Series I and II Land Rover 53 minutes

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    I see this is ancient history but I’m interested in some of the camel videos if you still have them.

    Also sending a pm in case you don’t see this post.
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