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Thread: 06 Steering wheel wobble during braking

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    Default 06 Steering wheel wobble during braking

    My 06 LR3 with @ 100,500 miles recently failed inspection because of bad tie rods. There was some wobble in the steering wheel and I knew the problem existed. So the tie rods (inner and outer) have been replaced but there is still a wobble in the steering wheel and front end. Nothing really in the pedals. Any thoughts or ideas of where to inspect next? anyone have any experience with the same issues? Thanks.

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    You need to work up the steering mechanism from the wheels to the box one component at a time. Looking for movement.
    If ok, then work from suspension from chassis onwards. Be diligent and you'll find the problem(s)

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    Have you done a brake job recently? When were the front rotors last replaced? Any chance you have just done some heavy towing or hard emergency braking?

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    Brakes were done about 15, 0000 miles ago. I thought it was the rotors at first but there is nothing moving in the pedals while braking. Zero towing and no real emergency braking situations. Is a complete front end (control arms, wheel bearings etc.) repair at 100K the smart way to go at this point?

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    front lower control arm bushings...

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