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Thread: Help I need to get the oil pan off of my Rover

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    Default Help I need to get the oil pan off of my Rover

    Hi all- I have a 98 P38A Range Rover 4.0 SE that I picked up over the winter. Ran in to some issues and I have some work ahead of me- I have reason to believe after draining the oil that the oil sump is filter is clogged but to get to that I need to get the oil pan off. I cannot however get the oil pan past the anti-roll bar(?) nor can I get the heated oxygen sensor to disconnect from the side of the oil pan. I am no mechanic but I can usually make my way around a vehicle. This one has me stymied. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    So after another day of looking at the manual apparently my brain has engaged. Oil pan removed, sensor disconnected. Now on to the sump filter and hose. From what I see, it's looking more and more like an oil pump repair...

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    Way to stay with it! I've found myself just standing in the garage, staring at my Rover like I think it will fix itself......

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    "staring at my Rover like I think it will fix itself"-- This is exactly what I have been doing.

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    I am glad you got it sorted
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