Hello everyone,
since I am new here, I better make my first post be rememberable
In this thread I will be sharing my little build diary and updates on the goodies I have build and will build for my little off road animal.

First there was the engine upgrade. The lame 4.6L engine had to make room for a mil spec HMMWV 6.2L diesel and then a 5 speed transmission came afterward.
This gave the Crusader tremendous off road capability already.

(all this crap got to go)

(one more pedal is what I needed)

But we didn't stop there. We gave it a 3 inch lift and a 1 inch body lift.

Then a snorkel was fitted.

New Tom woods drive shafts (thank you , kindly ) . Upgraded Transfercase (still top secret) a set of Terrafirma Beadlock wheels is on the way for testing. and New Terrafirma shocks are coming in, too ( you'll love this one )