After searching the internet for 40 hours,, the original Aeroparts capstan winch drive line parts no longer exist.. I have emailed all the experts in Germany, UK, and the American companys that remake all the Link belt drivelines,roller bars, engine pullys etc.. I wish my capstan was a fairey, as all the drive parts are remade..
So, like all the others, seeking aero parts driveline parts, I have given up. Now, I am seeking anyone that has made a conversion driveline. On a Canadian land rover forum, one guy has made his own prototype. He is now working on the finished version. I have yet to contact him. Anyone ever made, or had made,a conversion drive line? I would love to hear from you. Tim, Washington State.
PS: I am also looking to buy 1 pair of windsreen pivot arms, a used set of hood sticks for an 86" S1, and a used 86" canvas.. 1 series 1 used bumper, 2 seat back brackets, and other 86" S1 parts.

1956 Series 1 86"
1967 Triumph TR4A
1970 Lotus Elan S4,SE convertible.