On my FFR, I have a multialarm that is branded AIS. I cannot find this with Google. Is it possible it may exist with a different brand name? The device sounds when oil pressure is lost and water level is too low. There is also an option to test batteries, although that doesn't seem to be working.

On the same note, for some weird reason the alarm keeps sounding unless I turn on the driving lights or headlight. This is since one wire (brown) came lose while I was doing some work. I reattached the wire and now the alarm keeps going.

There are five wires on the multialarm device brown, green, black, white and red. Would I be right in assuming that:
brown = alternator output
green = water level sender
black = 24V battery feed
white = oil pressure sender
red = ignition

The alarm appears to be connected to the red ignition feed (through a thin red wire) and the brown wire (through a thin black wire). When I disconnect the brown wire, the alarm stops. When I reconnect it, the alarm starts but when I turn the lights on, it stops.

The alarm only sounds when the ignition key is on. Previously, it used to only sound when the engine was not running or if either of the faults were in existence.

Does someone have a wiring diagram for the multialarm?