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    Question Side Marker lights

    The side Markers on my Disco 2 are both hanging by their wires. Can I get new ones with clips for a reasonable price, or am I forced to pay $30 each for them? I've been looking at the ones on other cars, and it seems like there should be some interchangeability.

    I've emailed a couple of junkers, but I guess it isn't a large enough purchase to justify a reply.

    I could just wire in some LEDs from auto zone and use 3M tape or screws to hold them on, I guess. Anyway...suggestions are appreciated. I prefer the factory look.

    In case there is any confusion, I am talking about the little orange flashers mounted just ahead of the doors on the front quarter panel.

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    Put some clear permatex silicone around the
    lense and stick it on the body use a little masking tape to hold
    for a while,should work for you

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    just put on two new ones myself. went the silicon route first, and ended up getting the new markers with working clips. you'll spend more than $50 in gas and time trying to make it hold, then find out the back cracked out, let water in and its intermittent, pops back out or doesn't function all the time. think I paid $24-26 each,,R4

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