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Thread: P38 Oil Dipstick Reading Very High

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    Default P38 Oil Dipstick Reading Very High

    My P38 had an engine swap with another GEMs 4.0l. I have done 2 full oil changes with filter swap and refilled with 6.5qts. The oil reading is probably 2.5 inches or more higher than the "full" line. The length of the dipstick is 30 inches.

    I don't understand if I am referencing the wrong oil volume for a 4.0l or if somehow I have the wrong dipstick after the engine swap.

    As a side note I have an odd rumble/knock upon startup so I concerned about an overfill.

    Any ideas?

    1969 Series IIa 109
    She is ugly but she is mine...

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    Never mind. I was given the wrong dipstick.

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    1969 Series IIa 109
    She is ugly but she is mine...

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