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Thread: Brake repair/replacement

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    Default Brake repair/replacement

    My brakes recently started to squeal and I've noticed them slip a little a few times. I'm assuming I need to get them replaced. Since I'll probably need to put a few bucks back for it, can anyone tell me roughly what I should expect to pay?
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    The cost will depend on whether it is just the pads that need replacing OR if the disks themselves have worn badly enough to need replacing. The way to find out is to run a finger around the flat face of each disk.It should NOT have a severe lip at the edges or a very uneven surface to indicate extensive wear. If new disks are needed, I strongly advise you get the job done by a pro brake shop - it can be done at home, but it is not easy to do yourself without a hoist and relevant experience.

    Assuming the disks are OK and if you want to save money, you can replace the pads yourself - it is not very difficult but DO read the various posts and or check YouTube so you know what to expect. Buy only good quality pads and always replace the lock pins with new ones

    Good luck

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