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Thread: 1994 LWB Fan Blower Issues

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    I have a 1994 LWB. I hear and feel light fan blowing through the vents on low without the A/C on. When I adjust the speed to II or III it does nothing different. Now here's the catch, when I flip on the A/C on III it blows just fine but now fan speed I and II do next to nothing. Any ideas where to start?

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    I'll guarantee it is the resistor pack that has failed - very common problem partly due to the location where rain etc can get to it.

    Prize out the left hand cover (immediately above the bonnet) and reach inside (yes you will lose some skin). You will find wire-wound resistors on a plate attached to the wall behind it. The fools who designed it put the holding screws for the plate in from the sides, not the front, so you may have to cut the mounting plate to remove it - no big deal - the new one can be screwed in OR secured with cable ties - the latter may not seem very professional, but will work. The later resistor packs are a much superior design see attached image

    The second problem will be the shortness of the connecting wires. They are actually long enough but frequently get jammed above facia so you may have to cut them and crimp or solder on extension wires to make it easier to install the replacement pack
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