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    Trying to get some information on this poster. All I can find on an internet search is one that is for sale but not signed and numbered.
    Text is: A FIFTY YEAR ADVENTURE a reunion of land rovers old and new at Lanham Creek Maryland June 27 1998.
    Its is signed and marked 127 of 250. Looks like it may have shifted a little inside the frame but as the backing is intact I don't
    want to disturb it. Does anyone know if there is any value to this or is it just an advertising item.
    Thanks for your help.

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    This was one of the many get together s for Landrovers for the 50th Aniversary, in 1998.
    I am sure a collector (s) of Rover memorabilia would be interested in a copy.
    Are you looking to sell?
    Les Parker
    Tech. Support and Parts Specialist
    Rovers North Inc.

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    Packing up for a house move so Yes I would be interested in selling it if I had some idea of a fair price.

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    I had (maybe still have) one of these but not signed... I went to one at a ski area in ‘98 maybe Cortlqnd New York? Ended up with one of these posters somehow. It was in my previous garage for a while and may have been destroyed...

    No idea on price. eBay starting at $1 or check completed listings to see what they sold for.
    Photographer / writer for LRM (until they screwed me).
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