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Thread: 04 D2.. sat for seven months.. trouble maintaining idle.. how to flush fuel system..

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    Default 04 D2.. sat for seven months.. trouble maintaining idle.. how to flush fuel system..

    So my wife (no longer girlfriend) parked her D2 at her sisters house after we moved and dont have room.. I knew this was a bad idea.. anyhow..

    We went over the other day to start it.. I had 5 gal of fresh fuel w me, a can of starting fluid, jumper cables and prayers..

    It turned over, started w the starting fluid put it into the intake directly.. re-attached the intake.. car will sit for 5 min, then dies.. and when i try to restart it.. have to use the starting fluid again.

    Rather than make matters worse.. Does anyone have a checklist of how I can purge the existing fuel.. etc.. how to go about this?
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    To remove most of the fuel you will have to disconnect the fuel line at some convenient connection. Add some 5/16" fuel line and clamp it on to reach a gas can. Turn the ignition switch to on, this will run the pump without starting the car. Be careful while doing this. Most of the fuel should get pumped out of the tank, shut off the fuel pump as soon as the fuel flow drops off, other wise you will burn out the pump if it's run without fuel for any length of time. You may also have to clean the fuel injectors, they may be gummed up from the old fuel. So, reconnect the fuel line when you're done pumping out the old fuel and add fresh premium fuel and some fuel injector cleaner. After you get it running well, look over all the rubber hoses and change those that feel overly squishy and soft. Change all fluids since it has been sitting so long. There isn't much worse for a car than letting sit for a long time without running it. I hope this helps...

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