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    Took my 98 Disco 1 to the gas station and filled up the other day. Pulled out and speed up to about 50. Then the trans felt like it went into neutral and I had to coast into a parking lot. Then none of the gears would do anything. Like it's in neutral all the time. There are no abnormal noises. I put it into diff lock and low range no change. If I start it up cold it works for about 30 seconds forward and reverse. Then nothing.

    I was was wondering if anyone had any experience with this symptom. Maybe trans pump or torque converter?

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    What colour is the transfluid?
    Is it to the correct level?
    I would try changing the trans oil and filter and see how it performs.

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    Sounds like the front trans pump, ZF's are famous for their pump failures. Try to set the proper level with the proper fluid and change out the filter by all means, you might get lucky. And be sure to follow the RAVE or other shop manual for refilling, you don't just dump in two gallons of fluid, there is a procedure for this.

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