Please help..trying to leave in the morning on summer vacation..but, I went to change my paper oil filter cartridge on my first oil change in my 2005 HSE Range Rover this afternoon. I unscrewed the black plastic filter housing top, and the filter did not come out of the housing with the top. It was stuck onto the center steel chamber post. I tried rotating the filter cartridge to loosen it up, tried pulling up on the cartridge, and it would budge after using enough force not to tear the cartridge, but enough to squeeze it out of shape somewhat. I kept applying more force to twist and to pull it, and the paper cartridge material started to tear off the post with the top center plastic grommet totally coming loose from the cartridge. The problem now is that the black plastic grommet on the bottom end of the old filter is stuck in place on the small round raised sleeve which is part of the metal oil cartridge canister/housing. The black plastic cartridge grommet acts like it is glued to the metal housing...can't budge it with a flat screwdriver by trying to rotate it, and I'm not surprised because the rotating motion I used to remove, and ultimately demolish the cartridge was fairly significant.

I am going to fabricate two steel hooks in hopes to reach down inside the canister in the half inch or less of space between the canister wall and the plastic grommet to see if I can pull the grommet up of the outside edge of the center sleeve sticking up in the air from the canister base. I cannot see if there is going to be a lip for me to pull on. If I had a hot knife, I could try to melt through the darn grommet. I hate to try to torch the plastic as it would smell like heck to ignite the plastic grommet, not to mention the residual oils smoke. I am a long ways from a Range Rover dealer or a good shop, and we are supposed to leave for our summer vacation tomorrow morning...timing couldn't be worse to be stuck with such an unexpected problem. This should be a simple job. I am wondering if the shop that put my last filer cartridge on used a non-OEM cartridge which has a too tight of a tolerance on the internal grommet diameter on both the upper and lower grommets. I will call the shop tomorrow morning and ask them, but for now it looks like my summer vacation time is slipping away on me. I have done dozens of oil changes on all kinds of vehicles I have owned and on occasion, many years ago, I had an oil filter get suck on a American car I had, but a demolishing it carefully was easy as it was not sunk inside a housing like this. If this has happened to anyone, or if you know whether or not that metal seat for that bottom grommet is smaller or than that bottom grommet please advise me. Any ideas are welcomed..