My 1991 Great Divide is my daily driver, and has been running strong all summer. Never had any issues with cranking, and it usually fires up after the first, maybe the second turn, like clockwork, every day.

I parked it one afternoon and ran inside a store for maybe 10 minutes. I come back out and find that the truck just keeps turning over and over but will not fire, and therefore, is now a road block wherever it sits.

I did hear a soft "puff" during one of the cranking cycles coming from under the truck (like a soft pop), but no more sounds except the starter turning over and over. I had filled up with gas earlier that day, but ran it for several hours after that with no issues (although this was the first time I had shut it off and tried to re-crank it).

My old trusted mechanic (definitely not RR-savvy) checked "fuel and spark" (I am not a mechanic, and don't purport to be), and said there were no issues there. We ended up replacing the timing chain and put a new distributor on it, but that wasn't the issue.

After trying to crank it, I can smell a definite and unusual (to me) odor emitting from underneath the truck (but it's definitely petrol-related); maybe that's normal and I never smelled it before (because it was either already cranked or I was inside).

Perhaps someone with more experience with me can suggest some potential electrical/other mechanical issues? I think my biggest issue is finding a mechanic who knows about these cars (and doesn't think it's a Toyota when I pull up).

Thanks for any suggestions.

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