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Thread: Misfire on cylinder 5

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    Default Misfire on cylinder 5

    I picked up a Disco II wit's a misfire on cylinder 5. No overheating or signs of head gasket leak, but had visible corrosion/whitening on the spark plug connection and inside the plug wire at the plug end, so replaced the plug wire w/new genuine from our generous hosts. Didn't resolve the issue, so I tried cleaning the spark plug contact and taking it out to see if it looked fouled (a bit of carbon, but didn't seem too bad, though I'm a bit inexperienced in that area). Still misfiring on cylinder 5.

    My next step is a new plug when the FLAPS opens tomorrow. Then, coil? Can just the one coil be replaced or do I have to do the whole pack?

    Update: new plug didn't solve the issue. I guess I'll try a coil next, but am starting to fear that I'm putting more good money to waste and that I've got a head gasket leak. Not noticing any obvious signs like steam in exhaust, overheating, etc. Can't tell if I'm getting excess pressure in the coolant and don't think I can smell exhaust in the coolant reservoir. Any other easy at-home tests or just go for a new coil?
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