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Thread: "Rear camera" options on 2006 RR Sport Supercharged ??

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    Default "Rear camera" options on 2006 RR Sport Supercharged ??

    I see online a fairly expensive RR Sport specific camera module that plugs in and provides viewing on the dash/GPS display... however I also see simple inexpensive cameras that mount in license plate light holders, however it is not clear to me if those can be configured to display on the dash monitor or not... and if so, how difficult that is to install ?

    anyone have insight, or other solution suggestions that don't break the bank ?

    appreciated, mike
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    No personal experience, but this sounds like a reasonable option, doesn't even require digging around in the dash:

    For whatever it's worth, I almost never use the camera on my '12. I mean, it's there, and it comes on every time, but I just don't find that perspective very helpful vs. using the mirrors and sonar beepers.
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